3 Benefits of Giving Gifts to Your Customers.

1. Develop Relationships
Everyone loves receiving gifts and particularly when it’s done in a manner that says we appreciate you. Therefore, appropriate gift giving is a great way to say thank you and deepen the relationship with your customers and employees.

2. Brand awareness
The more you get your brand out there the more people become aware of you and your organization. Nike and the other large brands do this well. Just watch a golf tournament and you’ll see your favorite brands on display and sometimes new ones that you’re not familiar with until you see it on Phil Mickelson’s shoulder.

3. Get More Referrals
A big part of the building relationships is building trust and genuine appreciation builds that trust. Once this type of trust occurs then your customers and employees are more likely the tell other about your business. It also doesn’t hurt to establish some type of referral incentive program as well.

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